FordPass makes owning a Ford easier than ever.

You can use it to find restaurants and cafes, petrol stations and parking spaces. Then you can send the locations straight to your in-car navigation system. Not only that, but you can keep your car at its best with Vehicle Health Alerts too. And with, FordPass Connect (built into new Ford vehicles including the All-New Focus) will even let you control features of your car remotely. All through the FordPass app.

  • Just download the app, add your vehicle details, and all this is at your fingertips:

    Discover somewhere new with FIND

    • Search for petrol stations in the local area or along your route
    • Find parking spots, compare prices, and pin their location so you can find your car later
    • Discover cafes, restaurants, cinemas and more.
    • Keep your car working at its best with MOVE

    • Get Vehicle Health Alerts, like tyre pressure and fuel level warnings sent to your phone
    • See your Owner’s Manual so you don’t have to dig it out of the glove box
    • View the opening hours and contact information for your Ford Dealer
    • Book a service directly through the app
    • See a useful guide to what all the warning lights on your dashboard mean.
  • Download the FordPass app today

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    FordPass™: Vehicle Details Overview

    Find out how to use FordPass to its fullest, contact us 01983 730478 or click here to visit Ford UK and find out more about FordPass.